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Picasso Bump - Metalic, Iridescent and Velvet


This product is only available upon request. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

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Gorgeous, metallic-covered/flock covered ceramic wall tiles which come in a selection of relief patterns. 20x20cm.

Prices vary widely according to the finish. Titanium Bump is just £52.88 per sq m, while Gold, Silver, Copper and Bronze go up to £811.88 per sq m. Iris Bump is £901.88 per sq m and Velvet Bump is £2126.25 per sq m. 

For a keener pricepoint, check out our plain colour 'Bumps' and also the very wonderful tin-effect 'Aged Bump'.

Please note, prices do not include delivery, and for stock held in London a further £10 per sq m will be added to cover the cost of shipping the tiles to the UK. 

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