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Soft, recycled cotton rugs


Our Spanish rugs, called 'jarapas', are handwoven from 85 per cent recycled cotton. They are very soft and come in various designs and some beautiful colours. They often have stripes but these are often interestingly irregular. They are very good value and no two jarapas are the same!

Our recycled cotton rugs can be also be used as bedspreads, wall-hangings and hall-runners, and we have a selection of plain colours. Spanish rugs come in three thicknesses: tight-weave rugs, fluffy reversible rugs and double-thickness 'Provenzal' rugs.

Tightly-woven rugs are the least expensive and highly practical - they are very easy to wash and dry. Fluffy reversible rugs are thicker, with a looser weave and so most suitable for quiet rooms, such as bedrooms and landings. Double-thickness 'Provenzals' have a chequered pattern and 'two faces', with a geometrically reverse pattern on the back. These are super heavy, luxurious and warm. They work well in any room and are particularly good for children's bedrooms.

Scroll up and use the pull-down 'rugs' menu to find many gorgeous rugs! The numbered ones should be in stock, while the 'generic' rugs show typical rugs of various types with the different size options currently available. The generic rugs you find here may not be the exact rug in stock, so if you would like to see these rugs before you buy, please contact us for a photo.

Click on 'All Products' on the right-hand-size of each product page and scroll down to search by colour, thickness, pattern etc.


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