Spanish encaustic tiles, handwoven washable rugs, Spanish food and paella pans! 020-3417 6385 

Reclaimed Encaustic Tiles in Stock in Spain

Please contact us if you would like to order any of the tiles shown below. We should be able to get them to you within a couple of weeks. Please be sure to check our Reclaimed Tiles in Stock in London, too!

LOSCM41_57.60m LOSCM47_3.2m
LOSCM67_5.08m LOSCM66_2.40m LOSCM63_2.32m LOSCM65_2.72m
LOSCM62_2.56m LOSCM61_4.96m LOSCM78_5.40m.jpg LOSCM79_4.36m.jpg
LOSCM57_14.28m LOSCM80_7.40m LOSCM81_8.76m LOSCM53_6.72m
LOSCM76_4.32m LOSCM75_17.04m LOSCM32_9.76m.jpg LOSCM31_11.16m
LOSCM30_29.40m LOSCM74_6.40m LOSCM28_7m LOSCM72_10.40m
LOSCM26_4.96m LOSCM25_3.76m LOSCM24_6.68m LOSCM23_19M2
LOSCM23_19M2 (DETAIL) LOSCM71_2.16m LOSCM70_2.52m LOSBVROJA 23X23 (1)
LOSB24X24_68 (1) A3LOSB20X20 016 (1) LOSCM69_6m LOSCM68_6.24m
LOSCM52_5.64m LOSCM50_7.76m
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