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Patchwork Tiles

Patchwork patterns made from encaustic cement tiles are one of our best sellers. You can either choose from patchwork designs in stock in London or in Spain, or you can choose your own bespoke patterns and colours. If you visit us in London you can just pick your tiles and take them away on the day - we usually have a good selection of random tiles in both 22mm and 18mm thicknesses.

You can also choose a 'dominant colour' patchwork, either from our Spanish stock or bespoke. We can also supply patchworks in black, white and grey. You can find some examples of patchworks in stock on the New Patchwork Stock Options Stocklist (PDF)

We have worked with several architects and interior designers on bespoke patchwork projects, carefully matching their desired patterns and preferred colourways. We would be delighted to discuss more projects of this nature!

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