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Luxury London Bathroom

One of our favourites - this was the baby of a North London set designer who cleverly combined a patchwork of reclaimed encaustic tiles with modern metro tiles and exclusive fixtures and fittings for a truly unique and luxurious bathroom. Our client took on the sanding and cleaning of the tiles with gusto (some of them needed a lot of work) and this shows how well even the grubbiest tiles can come up! Our client recommends Lithofin products for stubborn tiles. He says: "The products I used were all by Lithofin. I cleaned the tiles with a combo of Power-Clean MN and Builders-Clean MN and sealed with Stain-Stop KF." Another good source of advice can be found at www.extensive.co.uk which stocks Lithofin products. Please note, this is the experience of one client, only. If you are considering buying and cleaning reclaimed tiles, you must seek your own advice and Alhambra cannot be held responsible for the outcome.

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