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If you cannot wait six-eight weeks for a bespoke encaustic tile order, we do have some tiles in stock.

In London, we always have up to 20m2 of both standard 22mm-thick patchwork stock and slimmer 18mm patchwork. Please phone us to check current quantities. There is more patchwork stock in Spain, including black & white patchwork and dominant colour patchworks, plus the distinct patterns found on the our

Current Encaustic Tile Stocklist (Tiles in Stock in Spain & London)
(Keep scrolling down the PDF to see the Tiles in Stock in London)

and our

New Patchwork Stock Options Stocklist

A good alternative to the encaustic cement tiles is our Picasso Porcelain Range, which also contains patchwork options. We have up to 5m2 of each pattern, with more available from Spain within 10 days.

Our current range of Picasso & Modern Industrial Range tiles in stock in London can be seen here:
Picasso & Modern Industrial Tiles in Stock in London

From the Granada Range, we keep a good stock of the Azahara Design, in both three-colours and tasteful grey and white (pictured above). There is usually a variety of beautiful handmade terracotta tiles in store, too.

Our current range of Granada Range Tiles in stock in London can be seen here: Granada Range Tiles in Stock in London

Plain Colour tile stock in Spain:

Plain colour tiles 20x20cm tiles in stock (above). All these, and other colours in quite large quantities, please see the PDF above, or contact us for details. You could also contact us to see whether there is any new stock, not yet up on the website.

If you would like to enquire about prices, or have any other questions, please phone us on 020-3417 6385, or fill in the contact form. We will respond as soon as we can.

Finally, we would be delighted to welcome you to our showroom so you can see our many sample tiles and choose your pattern and colours in person. Please contact us to make an appointment and please bring in any sample colours you wish to match.

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