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Encaustic Tiles

The 20x20cm encaustic cement tiles are popularly used for floors and walls in hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and more. They are handmade by a father and daughter team, using natural colours and materials from an approved quarry which guarantees respect for the environment.

Interactive Tile Chooser

Interactive Tile Chooser 
Our interactive tile chooser will help you to pick encaustic designs in an infinite variety of patterns and colours.

The Interactive Tile Chooser has over 80 patterns/colours and is html-based and works on iPads, iPhones etc. Alternatively you can use the Flash Tile Chooser which shows the patterns a bit clearer, and may work better on Android phones.  

Reclaimed encaustic tiles from Alhambra Tiles

Reclaimed Tiles
We also offer wonderful eco-friendly reclaimed encaustic tiles.

Patchwork patterned encaustic tiles from Alhambra Tiles

Patchwork Pattern Tiles 
Patchwork patterns made from encaustic cement tiles are one of our best sellers.



Contemporary tiles designs from Alhambra Tiles

New Contemporary Designs
Four new tile patterns are inspired by car wheel hubs and seventies knitting patterns.


Cubic and 3D tile designs from Alhambra Tiles

Cubic and 3D Tile Designs
We have a range of 3D geometric patterns, both encaustic and porcelain, available in a range of colour ways.

Patchwork encaustic tiles in bathroom

Case Studies
See our encaustic tiles in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurants, bars and more.


Can of sealant from Alhambra Tiles

Sealants and Cleaners
Sealant, Cleaner and Wax Top of the range Spanish products for protecting and maintaining your tiles.

Handmade Encaustic Tiles
Encaustic tiles, otherwise known as Hydraulic tiles, are cast in a mould using a mixture of tinted cement, fine sand and ground marble. The top layer of this mixture is colour-tinted. So, instead of a thin coat of paint or print, the colour is integral to the tile and goes approx 5mm deep. They are not kiln-fired, but dried for 21-28 days in fresh air. The production process is carried out by hand, in the same way it has been for over 200 years.

Wide Range of Patterns
Our encaustic cement tiles come in a wonderful range of patterns, with a wide variety of borders to match. Colour combinations can be individually chosen with the help of our interactive tile choosers. 

Tile Thicknesses
Tiles come as 22mm thick as standard, but can be made slimmer, to 18mm, if required. Slimmer tiles may be preferred for walls, and many people use slimmer tiles on the floor, too. Either thickness is fine for either location, although for floors bearing lots of heavy equipment (industrial ovens for eg), thicker tiles will be stronger.

Bespoke design commissions are welcomed, too, on receipt of a drawing or photograph.

Prices & Tiles in Stock
Newly handmade encaustic tiles are normally between £58 and £130 per square metre plus VAT (for UK clients) and delivery. Tiles with less intricate designs and less colours are the least expensive. The Tile Design PDF above shows the full range (including many patterns not yet on the chooser). Info on tiles in stock in Spain (and London) can be found on our Tiles in Stock page

Please click on the thumbnails below to see some examples of encaustic tiles in situ. There are more pictures on our Case Studies page, Trade pages and Blog

The Making of an Encaustic Cement Tile - Video
Video showing one of our gorgeous encaustic tiles being made. The tiles are handmade in a mould, using natural pigments mixed into a mixture of marble dust, sand and cement. After being hydraulically pressed, the tiles are simply dried in fresh air for 28 days.

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