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Encaustic Tile Test For Your Tiler

Here are some questions to ask your tiler before s/he installs your tiles. Our encaustic cement tiles are an exclusive, high-quality product and must be treated with care. This is easy, as long as you follow a few simple rules. 

In Spain you can find encaustic cement tiles which have been in place for many decades in both public and private locations, indoors and out. The tiles usually have a glossy patina built up over the years, mostly as a result of correct installation and simple scrubbing with PH Neutral soap and water.

Guidance to answering the questions below can be found on our 'technical' page: http://alhambrahome.co.uk/pages/technical

A good tiler should be able to answer the questions, either with or without recourse this page.

We want you to be happy with your tiles - and with the right treatment they should last a lifetime. Please make sure your tiler can be trusted before s/he starts work.

You might like to visit The Tile Association to find a member tiler in your area.


1: Has your tiler installed encaustic cement tiles before? If not, has s/he installed natural stone or marble? Similar principles apply.

2: Can they provide references (be sure to get a reference if you can)

3: How did they seal the tiles previously? With which sealant? At which stage in the operation? How many coats of sealant did they use?

4: Will your tiler provide contact details of previous clients, so you can ask how satisfied they are with the work - especially clients who had encaustic tiles laid over six months ago. This will help you ensure that no problems have arisen. If clients have encountered problems, what has the tiler learned from this?

5: How will your tiler ensure your tiles are clean and dry before sealing? What are the important things to bear in mind here?

6: How long will they wait in between laying the tiles and grouting them?

7. How will they protect the tiles against stains from grout/other materials?

8: What colour grout do they intend to use (note: dark colour grout should not be used - if your tiler does want to use a dark colour it is important that the tiles are pre-sealed, to prevent colour-contamination and a test should be done first).

9: How long will they then wait after grouting before sealing/re-sealing the tiles?

10: How will they apply the sealant - with what, and how thickly?

11: When applying a second coat of sealant when will they apply it and how long will they wait between coats?

12: If the tiles need cleaning between coats, what will they clean them with?

13. How long will they then wait for them to dry?

14. Will they add any other treatment, eg wax, after sealing? If so, how would they apply the wax?

15. What do they recommend for maintenance going forwards? Can they show that this is effective? 

For guidance on these and other Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our techie page: http://alhambrahome.co.uk/pages/technical

If you can think of any further useful questions, please email us at mail@alhambrahome.co.uk

The above suggestions and the info on our technical page is intended to help you choose a competent tiler and as a guide only. All tile installations should be carried out by a competent builder or mason. Alhambra Tiles cannot be held responsible for any problems with or following the installation of any tiles bought from us.
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