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Before You Order

There are a few important points to consider before you order:

1. If you are ordering encaustic tiles, please remember that they are between 18mm and 22mm thick (the reclaimed ones are sometimes thicker). You will have to allow for this before laying them, to make sure that doors will open etc. More info on our Technical page.

2. When ordering tiles, we advise you to buy an extra 15% to allow for wastage and breakages. 

3. Don't let the price of the tiles put you off! If you can't afford to tile a whole floor, why not consider a feature section in the middle? Unlike many companies, we welcome small orders and there is no minimum on tile bought from stock. We are lucky to work with Spanish colleagues who are happy to send small quantities and have found competitive prices for shipping.

4. Always read our technical guidelines before laying tiles. Encaustic tiles are porous and will need sealing before grouting or laying outside. Tiles should never be laid outside during wet or frosty weather. More info about this on the Technical page.

5. If, rather than buying our newly-made encaustic tiles you are buying reclaimed ones, please be aware that while many are in very good condition, all will need sanding lightly to clean. Often they clean up easily but occasionally they are very dirty and sometimes angle-grinding is needed to clean mortar off the backs. The colours may vary slightly between tiles. When buying reclaimed tiles, we prefer it if you see the tiles before you buy.




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