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Encaustic Tiles

Handmade Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic or Hydraulic tiles are cast in a mould using a mixture of tinted cement, fine sand and ground marble. The top layer of this mixture is colour-tinted. So, instead of a thin coat of paint or print, the colour is integral to the tile and goes approx 5mm deep. Floor tiles are 22mm thick, while wall tiles are made to a thickness of 18mm. They are not kiln-fired, but dried for 28 days in fresh air. The production process is carried out by hand, in the same way it has been for over 200 years.

The tiles come in a wonderful range of patterns, with a wide variety of borders to match. Colour combinations can be individually chosen with the help of our interactive tile chooser. Bespoke commissions are welcomed, too, on receipt of a drawing or photograph.

To see some examples of these tiles in situ please visit our Handmade Encaustic Tile gallery.

Reclaimed Encaustic Tiles

Reclaimed hydraulic floor tile, design 2

We stock a small range of authentic reclaimed encaustic tiles. These are great for small areas such as doorsteps, porches, stair-risers,splashbacks and wet-rooms. They can also be used to cover worktops and tables. Individually, they make greattrivets.


Encaustic tiles start from around �99 per square metre including delivery, depending on the quantity and the colours/pattern chosen. Tiles with less intricate designs and less colours are the least expensive.

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