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Tiling with a Twist - Top Inspiring Ideas

Posted on July 11, 2016 by Becca | 0 comments

We are continually inspired by the imaginative and inventive ways our customers use our tiles. Sometimes they are interior designers with a professional eye for pattern - other times they are members of the public brimming with enthusiasm and keen to try something different. Here are some of our favourites:

A clever use of colour
Two top interior designers have been quick to use colour graduations through a single encaustic tile pattern going across a room. Designers Andrew Tam and Mabel Law used our T49 as it has rarely been seen before - a simple pattern transformed through clever colouring and an understanding of geometry. Simple patterns are less expensive, so employing one in an inspired colourway can be a cost-effective way to achieve the 'wow-factor'!
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Spinning a simple design
Our T09 can be used in multiple ways to create a whole range of stunning patterns - you can see two in the examples above. Again, as it is a simple pattern, it is one of the least expensive.
Read about the Chiltern Grand Design here (scroll down page when you land)

An industrial look with terracotta-coloured cement

A private client came to us a couple of years ago, for large encaustic hexagons in a terracotta colour. Simple but stunning. Rather than use more rustic terracotta tiles, she chose terracotta-coloured cement, which perfectlly matched her rather more industrial aesthetic.
Find out more about Tara's design here

An interesting design aesthetic
One of our favourite customers, Jo, a talented textile designer, spent many hours choosing colours in our showroom and designing a selection of encaustic tiles patterns in carefully chosen shades of grey and beige. She then placed the patterns in rows, on one wall of her wet room in France, part of a truly stunning house renovation blending tradition and modernity with exceptional skill. The rows of patterned tiles are somehow reminiscent of a Fair Isle sweater!
Read more about Jo's design here 

Patchwork stair-risers and a 'rainforest' shower 
We LOVE the enthusiasm of our customers. Two of our favourite private clients each came up with wonderful ideas for our Granada Range. Tony bought a large selection of tiles, a different one for each of the risers on the stairs in his house. Sally and Tom visited in the spring, intent on choosing a number of patterns to create a 'rainforest' shower. Both were absolutely delighted with the results - and we love them, too!
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Bespoke patchworks as standard

We have been delighted to help scores of people achieve their own, personal vision with bespoke encaustic tiles. Clients can choose their own colourways as standard using our Interactive Tile Chooser. Should they wish to place the colours in an even more individual way, Photoshop and CAD are useful tools. Our favourite projects include the Nico Osteria Restaurant at the Thompson Chicago, designed by Tara Bernerd & Partners, who specified a complex patchwork in maroon, grey and putty comprising a total of 15 tile designs; and Euan and Annie, who deliberated long and hard about the colours and patterns in their two 'tile-rugs' (above) - originally presenting their choice the Old School way, as a pencil drawing! However the patterns are presented, we are always delighted to help you achieve your dream!
Read all about the Thompson Chicago here
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A modernist vision|
Creed Design saw some unexpected possibilities within our encaustic tile patterns (examples above in the 'tile rugs'), choosing a palette of yellow and black to create bold simple shapes out of what are normally quite complex Spanish tile templates. Creed's design was inspired by black and yellow hazard tape - which is about as remote from traditional Andalusian design as it is possible to get - but just goes to show how you really can get something unique if you have the vision.
Read about Creed's design here

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