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The Super-Tile Revealed!

Posted on May 23, 2017 by Becca | 0 comments

 Here we are folks... drumroll....... the Super-Tile revealed! Best to play this on 'silent' - our Spanish partners love putting music on their vids, and we haven't as yet worked out remove it - at least not while getting ready for the big launch at Clerkenwell Design Week at 10am today!

It's been fun - and hopefully we will see some of you over the next 3 days at Clerkenwell. We are in the Additions Pavilion outside Craft Central in St John's Square. For the duration of the show we are selling individual Super-Tiles in a presentation box with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist Supermundane himself! You might even catch him on the stand with us, as he will be popping in from time to time.

We're showing some of our other collaborations, too. 

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Roll on Clerkenwell... Supermundane Tile Teaser

Posted on May 19, 2017 by Becca | 1 comment

Roll on Clerkenwell! The photographer has been and the brochure is designed. The blog is late - no wonder!

Here is a little video snip to tickle your tile tastebuds - it shows the start of one of our Supermundane 'Super-Tiles' tiles being made. The tiles are made one by one, by hand.

Don't miss the full reveal on Tues 23 June!

We will be at Clerkenwell Design Week in the Additions Pavilion.

Register here, it is free to attend - Tues 23 - Thurs 25 May, 10am-9pm.

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Authenticity, Value and Provenance

Posted on May 03, 2017 by Becca | 0 comments

Wow! We were proud to supply Ricker Restaurants' new Stoke House venture at the Novo Building in London's Victoria. Will Ricker commissioned large diamond-shaped cement floor tiles with which to make huge hexagons (above). To fulfil the commission, Alhambra produced a unique metal mould, made by specialists in Spain.

We will be exhibiting the tile, along with examples of other recent bespoke commissions, at Clerkenwell Design Week this month. We will also be unveiling an exclusive tessellating encaustic tile created for us by London artist Rob Lowe, aka Supermundane (nothing to do with the image below - that is another of Rob's works!)

Our aim is to showcase all that is unique about Alhambra - from our fabulous bespoke capabilities to our handmade terracotta, handpainted art tiles and cutting-edge patterned lattice bricks. It's not cheap, doing trade shows, but we thought it was worth it because we are proud of the authenticity of our products and also their provenance and quality.

In terms of Rob Lowe’s new ‘Super-Tile’, we are excited because, even though our Spanish encaustic tiles are handmade in a centuries-old tradition, a new mould, like the one we made for his pattern, can make them look almost futuristic. We see Rob’s design working brilliantly in a number of stylish shops, bars and restaurants, as well as the private home of any design-loving individual.

Rob's design is under wraps until the launch on 23 May, but you can see a little teaser here:

You will be able to buy a single 'Super-Tile' tile on the day, in a special presentation box.
Find us on Stand A5A of the Additions Marquee in St John’s Square. We look forward to seeing you there!

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Truly Bespoke - we can deliver almost any design!

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People often ask us what is Alhambra's USP - or Unique Selling Point - and I always say that it is our unique ability to do almost anything for anybody!

Alhambra has been described as a 'treasure trove of beautiful Spanish tiles' - we have a gem of a showroom in leafy south London where, rather than rows of bland metal cabinets, there is an array of beautiful wares displayed on the walls, along with fabulous photographs of some of our proudest projects.

Personal Touch

We are proud to be a small company working with other small companies. It means our clients get our individual attention. It's the same for us: we deal directly with the owners of a handful of small family-owned Spanish firms, and they always go the extra mile.

Thanks to this, we have delivered some memorable tiles!

In 2013 we provided Tara Bernerd and Partners with an amazing selection of patchwork designs - 340 sq m - each in a unique colourway for the Thompson Hotel Chicago. We provide bespoke colours as standard, no matter how complex the brief, and with this project we showed that neither the size of a project nor the distance is an issue for us.

Bespoke Patterns, too!

It's not just the colours that can be bespoke - we produce bespoke patterns as well!

We have just worked with Judith Stewart Design to create a fabulous Chinese-inspired pattern for a client with love of old Oriental artefacts, who was seeking an interesting floor to complement the pieces.

From China to Jamaica

In 2015 we created a brand new colour for Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse - a gorgeous green within a sunny tile reminiscent of the Jamaican beach hut. How cool was that! We got inspired all over again, and presented Levi with a gift - a bespoke tile with his logo on it! 

And last year we broke new ground, delivering a huge diamond-shaped metal mould with which to create massive 3D hexagons. This really was a challenge: our partners in Spain had to hunt for a specialist who could make such a big mould. We were all very proud to fulfil the brief.

It's not just commercial clients who can get their own pattern. We regularly create new designs for private customers, too. Sometimes they want something copied, and other times they come up with their own thing completely!

It seems that zig zags and chevrons are big this year! 

Alhambra's Own Designs

We've also produced our own designs with textile designer Manda Clarke. Our unique Contemporary Retro Range is available in any colourway of your choice.

Pssst! Right now, we are working on perhaps our biggest bespoke project yet. It's a closely guarded secret - but keep watching this space, and all will be revealed in due course!

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