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My Spanish Mountain House - part 3

Posted on March 13, 2017 by Becca | 0 comments

Wow! The end is in sight! After we had finished at Cevisama, I drove 400km to Lubrin to check progress on Casa B and purchase the bathroom and kitchen fittings. It was great to see how much progress had been made - and even though it still looks like a building site, everything is pretty much as it should be, and the builders are fabulous - friendly and efficient.

First up, all the ceilings have been raised on account of the new roof, so the house feels (and IS) bigger!

Secondly, the wall between the dining room and kitchen has been knocked down so it's an open-plan space - and we've added a bigger window. The bricks you can see around the walls will be plastered over with 'yeso' - a sort of living plaster - and wooden lattice doors will be fitted on the front.

In the middle 'cave' bedroom, we have a new window looking up onto terraces of almond trees and cacti, while steps at the back of the room lead to a new bathroom (built on what was a bit of hardstanding behind the house in the garden). From there, there's a gorgeous view over to the church. The builders also rebuilt my yeso shelving unit along the facing wall.

The former pink bedroom has been replastered, insulated and tidied up:

And all the exterior walls have been re-rendered:

There was one really nice surprise: when it was picked back to the stone, the wall at the far end of the house revealed two old windows and what we believe to have been an arched bread oven! As the room within is full of furniture from the rest of the house I'm leaving it to the next visit to decide what to do with these treasures - but another window or two seem very likely!

Now all the tiles (for floors and worktops) are on their way, along with the basin, sink, shower etc, I'll be returning in April to sign the job off and hopefully move back in. So... keep an eye open for My Spanish Mountain House, part 4 - which will be the end of the tale for a while, but most certainly not for ever!

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