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My Spanish Mountain House - part 1

Posted on September 14, 2016 by Becca | 1 comment

Finally! After nearly 20 years and quite a few adventures, my beautiful 'unreformed' Spanish house is getting a facelift!

Casa B used to belong to the town's 'transportista' - the guy who drove the goods to market by mule and wagon. In those days, a journey to the coast took several days over rough countryside. The ruins of the animal sheds are still nearby on the hill around the house. 


It's quite an eccentric little house. High up, built into the side of the hill, the rock juts right into a couple of the rooms. Once inside, you need to go through two bedrooms to reach the lounge, climbing up and down steep stone steps as you go. 

I've always found that after a couple of days, my limbs are looser as a result!

 I've always loved Casa B for her stubbornly unreformed character and natural gifts, like the cool breeze that blows through the North and East windows on even the hottest day. But after adventures with birds, gekkos, mice and who knows what else trampling around in the roof above my head (at one point there was an insomniac creature who regularly rustled about in the small hours), not the mention the rain coming through, she's getting a whole new set of beams, insulation and roof tiles.

The ceiling will be raised in the dining room, the orange 'cave room' is getting a skylight and - excitement over excitement - there's going to be a gorgeous new bathroom installed upstairs!


The decorator, who should be starting early next year, says he has special plans for the kitchen, and I'll be decluttering, and bringing the Casa up to date (no more use for that 1980s Apple printer, for example). I've had the house since April 1997, and it's full of reminders of the younger me!

The original roof tiles (probably over 100 years old and a little worse for wear) are to be recycled to go around a neighbour's oven, and the tree-trunk beams - well, who knows? I have asked for a couple to be kept, if possible, as a memento of the Casa's splendid history.

I'll be posting a few more pix as work progresses, and returning in November to talk next steps with the Walter who will be working on Phase 2 - the walls, floors and contemporary-rustic embellishments. Who knows, I may even go out and live there for a while!


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  • Sara

    Lovely! Such character and charm.


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