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Encaustic tiles - the environmentally-friendly choice!

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Here at Alhambra, we are very proud of the relationships we have with our Spanish tile manufacturers - especially the father and daughter team who make our gorgeous encaustic cement tiles. We first met them back in 2010 when we literally turned up on their doorstep!

The family business goes back over generations, and all the encaustic tiles are still handmade, using natural colours and materials from an approved quarry which guarantees respect for the environment.

The top layer of each tile comprises a mixture of cement and ground marble. These are mixed with the colour and poured into a mould. The pattern is determined by a 5mm template. The complexity of the template and the number of colours chosen determines the final price of the tile.

The lower layers of the tile are then added. These are made from sand and cement to form a solid base. Finally, the slab is pressed with a hydraulic press and removed from the mould to mature and set. The tiles are not kiln-fired, but left to dry in fresh air for 21-28 days.

Watch video showing the making of an encaustic tile

Read more about encaustic tiles

There are some 250 different patterns (some surprisingly modern) with bespoke colours as standard. We have also designed some patterns of our own, working with Textile Designer, Manda Clarke. You can see her zig-zag patttern in the gorgeous bathroom floor above.

See Contemporary Retro Range by Manda Clarke

We have come a long way since our first meeting with our encaustic tile makers, and perhaps our proudest project was a 340 sq m bespoke patchwork for the Thompson Hotel, Chicago.We also produce bespoke patterns, most recently a beautiful bespoke design for a top restaurant in Paris. 

Read about our tiles at the Thompson Hotel, Chicago

Our encaustic tiles can be used all over the house. If well-sealed, they are perfect in showers and bathrooms - and they are very popular as little accent statements, such as splashbacks and fireplaces!

We will be blogging about the various ways that our encaustic tiles can be used in different rooms over coming weeks!

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