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A Crop of Case Studies

Posted on August 02, 2016 by Becca | 0 comments

Our clients have been generous with their photos lately, and we have some beautiful ones to share.

Alhambra Tiles terracotta tiles at the Eden Project

First up, the Eden Project sent in photos of our terracotta range in their Mediterranean Perfume Garden. Catherine Cutler, Mediterranean Biome Supervisor at Eden Project, specified terracotta tiles in a variety of shapes and sizes, including some small rectangular ones to act as edging.

Alhambra Tiles terracotta tiles at the Eden Project

Says Catherine: What I really like about these gorgeous hand-made tiles are the variety of tones and the natural variation, which are unmatched by factory-produced tiles. These features really add to the authenticity of our beautiful new Mediterranean Perfume Garden. It was great to be able to use a variety of shapes and sizes (I particularly like the hexagonal tiles) and so helpful that the tile makers in Spain could make the bespoke rectangular shape … meaning it has all just come together so well. 

Next up, a funky geometric hearth...
Intrepid traveller Elaine is spending the summer touring the UK in her trusty campervan - but she's preparing for a cosy winter in front of the fire with a beautiful tile patchwork hearth which she picked by hand from Alhambra's London patchwork stock. We are more than happy to sell small quantities of tiles if you can come in and collect. And if you like any of the patterns in the picture we can do you any amount of sq m in any colourway you like (although we do have a minimum order of 5 sq m for bespoke tiles). Happy touring, Elaine!

A Modern Industrial Splashback

When can you use a carpet on the wall? Our client Catherine found a way, with our fabulous Modern Industrial Blue Carpet tiles cut to fit!
Click here to see more tiles from our Modern Industrial Range

And lastly (for now) our Picasso Patchwork tiles in an Art Deco bathroom.  
Click here to see more tiles from our Picasso Porcelain range

We are currently updating our Case Study pages, but you can find plenty of pictures under the International Trade pull down and Case Studies tab. We have recently collated some new testimonials, too.

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