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Horse and Home

Posted on January 05, 2014 by Becca | 0 comments
Jan 31st is the start of the Chinese Year of the Wood Horse, reputedly a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure and surprising romance. It is thought to be an excellent year for travel, the more distant and far off the beaten path the better.

Fabulously and fortuitously enough, not only have I just been invited to a wedding in Mumbai, but Alhambra has been invited to collaborate on a book about Andalucian horses - no, that isn't a typo - I really do mean horses - by trainer and writer Polly Ellison, co-author of the book Real Life Dressage: Training Advice from Novice to Grand Prix with Olympic Gold Medallist Carl Hester!

Polly was attracted to the Alhambra website by the rugs, and has an interest in Andalucian horses. So our fledgling plan is to work on a book incorporating both Andalucian horses and Alhambra's rustic-sophisticated home-style - the encaustic tiles, tribal-style rugs, village ceramics and perhaps a new line in marble. Polly and I hope to meet in Spain this spring for a tour of Jerez and the Alpujarras, and perhaps just see where the journey takes us!

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