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Cevisama Tile Fair - Our Top 10

Posted on February 18, 2018 by Becca | 0 comments

We made it for the last two days of Cevisama in Valencia this February. It's Spain's biggest tile fair - a huge show in one of the country's most exciting cities. Our feet were aching by Friday evening, but we found some great new products and identified some cool new trends for 2018. Here are our top picks.

1: Terrazzo Tiles
Stealthily gaining momentum, terrazzo is making a comeback. We particularly liked this terrazzo-look porcelain with a giant pebble pattern.

2. Arrow-Pattern
We saw this pattern throughout the show. This was our favourite version.

3: Patterned Metallic Tiles
We spotted lush bronze-look tiles on a couple of stands. We love the hammered effect, and also how the light worked on the patterns.

4. Clever Geometrics
Our favourite new supplier is a wizard of patterning! From a simple set of geometric shapes they create a host of new forms, as per the two examples below (terrazzo-look again). Keep scrolling for their 3D shapes (particularly the diamonds) and more patterning systems.

5: Fabric-Look Paving
A new look from the makers of our our Modern Industrial Range. We love this gentle fabric-look on porcelain. These particular tiles are 2cm thick paving stones - and paving is something Alhambra will be doing a lot more of in 2018.

6: Oversize Patterns
We couldn't help noticing some very large-scale patterns around the show...

7: Round, Brick and Coloured Terracotta
Not only was there heaps of terracotta-look porcelain on offer - we also found a fabulous supplier of handmade terracotta, with some very interesting shapes and colours. We were particularly taken by their round terracotta, and their yellow brick-shape tiles. More on this company soon.

8. Systems with Shapes
Our favourite new supplier again - wizards of geometry creating endless patterns from a set of simple geometric shapes. These are good for both interiors and gardens. Visiting their stand was akin to visiting an art exhibition!


9: 3D TIles
3D tiles were big this year. We liked this wavy design, and also the 3D diamonds available from several suppliers.


10. Pictorial Patterns
We thought this Art Deco tile pattern rather lush and the Nairobi collection was fun.

And finally... Good News for Garden Designers...
We found literally hundreds of brlliant new porcelain tiles for gardens. As well as all the terracotta and stone-look porcelain in plain slabs, geometric shapes and contemporary patterns, we found a new boutique designer/maker with a fabulous range of encaustic-style porcelain paving (porcelain is a lot more practical for outside than traditional cement). She can do bespoke, too. Here are a few of her patterns to tickle your tastebuds. Tiles are available in 20x20cm and also 60x60cm.

We'll be getting it all online as soon as we can - but as a small operation, that may not be soon enough! So please, if you are looking for something in particular, don't hesitate to ask us. We are 99% sure to be able to find it!

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Fish-scale Tiles, just in time for Christmas!

Posted on December 18, 2017 by Becca | 0 comments

We absolutely love these gorgeous fish-scale design tiles, newly created for our Buy Online ceramic section. We have got them online, just in time for Christmas, so there is something new for you to see if you find yourself surfing our website over the holidays!

Each tile measures 15x14.2cm. There are plain colours, plus a patchwork (mixed selection) of beautiful patterns available, at between £144.27 and £178.20 per sq m (any quantity). If you want all the tiles in one single pattern (not plain), then the price per sq m goes up to £289.64 for orders under 10 sq m.

See all the individual patterns (and some much bigger pictures) here: Fish-scale Tile Collection


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Bespoke Tiles Lead the Way in Restaurant & Bar Design

Posted on September 20, 2017 by Becca | 0 comments

Top companies such as Pink Mamma (Paris), Ricker Restaurants’ Stoke House (above), Pizza Express, Nico Osteria and Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse are wowing their clients with bespoke tiles featuring their own patterns and colours. Some of these designs will be on show at the Restaurant & Bar Design Show at ExCeL next week, 26 & 27 September.
Working with design teams such as Martin Brudnizki Design Studio, Tara Bernerd, Creed Design and B3 Designers, Alhambra Tiles Ltd (exhibiting on Stand EB10) is proud to have supplied each of the above restaurants.

While Levi Roots asked for a bespoke green shade to connote the Caribbean in his B3-designed Smoke House 'rastaurant' (above), Pink Mamma, designed by MBDS (below), had two of their own designs created in pink, and Ricker Restaurants commissioned a brand new shape - giant diamonds to make up huge hexagons (top picture).

Working with Tara Bernerd & Partners, Alhambra supplied a uniquely coloured patchwork selection for the Nico Osteria within the Thompson Hotel Chicago (below). And Pizza Express at First Street, Manchester had a patchwork selection which included a bespoke pattern (bottom picture). Creed were the team behind this design – a novel use of encaustic tiles in bold black and yellow, inspired by hazard tape.

Alhambra’s encaustic cement tiles come in bespoke colours as standard – there is a choice of around 100 shades to choose from, and the colours can be placed wherever the client wishes within the tile template. While there are over 200 existing patterns, making a brand new pattern is usually straightforward. Although there is a one-off fee for a new mould, the cost of a bespoke tile is no different to a standard design of similar complexity.
Making the new giant shape for Ricker Restaurants was more of a challenge – the Alhambra team had to find a specialist who could make a metal mould big enough! However, with an impressive list of Spanish tile-makers to draw on, this was efficiently achieved. Alhambra imports only from Spain, believing that Spanish tiles are, quite simply, the best!
While the bulk of bespoke designs come as encaustic cement tiles, other types of tiles can also be made bespoke. The classic Granada Range of glazed terracotta tiles comes with bespoke options in a more restricted pallete, while even the more modern porcelain lines can come in bespoke colours and designs subject to an order of sufficient size.
Says Founder & Director of Alhambra, Rebecca Leathlean: “With almost 9 years’ experience, there is very little that we cannot do. If you would like to talk to us about a project, please do come and see us at the Restaurant & Bar Design Show next week. You will find us on stand EB10."

Free tickets to the show are available by clicking the link below.

Find out more about Alhambra Tiles at www.alhambrahome.co.uk

Find out about the Restaurant and Bar Design Show, and get free tickets here:

Founded in 2009 by Rebecca Leathlean, Alhambra Tiles Ltd has a unique selection of authentic Spanish tiles of unmatched variety. Collections range from bespoke handmade cement tiles to modern porcelain in cutting-edge designs.

The Restaurant & Bar Design Show offers a wealth of information on numerous facets of hospitality, including the latest trends in restaurant interior design, new ideas and methods in designing an establishment, sources of the most cutting edge products and services, advice and guidance from the industry’s leading names and a chance to see the very best in contemporary design.

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Our First Buy-Online Sale

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Becca | 0 comments

A couple of months ago we created a new 'Buy-Online' section stocked with, in the main, less expensive 'off the shelf' tiles. It wasn't long before we had our first sale, and yesterday our 'virtual' client kindly sent us some photos of his handsome bathroom, now tiled with our Porcelain Encaustic Petals tile.

I hope you agree, it looks rather fabulous! The Porcelain Encaustic range retails at a very reasonable £52 per sq m, inc VAT.

The porcelain tiles are eco-friendly, too. The manufacturers use only four base colours which helps to protect the environment.

See Porcelain Encaustic Range 

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